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Imagetwin is an AI-based software for detecting integrity issues in figures of scientific articles.

What we offer

Imagetwin is the optimal solution for detecting integrity issues in life science articles. We detect inappropriate manipulation and duplication in many figure types, including blots (western blots), microscopy images, and light photography.

Plagiarism Detection

Find out if a figure was reused across articles by checking against our database containing over 50 Million images.

Manipulation Detection

Find duplicates and data fabrication within articles.

Efficient & Accurate

Find integrity issues in seconds and with high accuracy.

How does it work?

1. Select

Select a PDF or multiple image files like JPG, PNG, GIF, and many others.

2. Scan

With a single button press, the selected content is scanned by our AI-based algorithm.

3. Examine

Within seconds, the results are presented in the web interface.

Imagetwin is a powerful addition to the peer-review process. All kinds of integrity issues are automatically detected and can be quickly verified by a reviewer.

Your data is kept private and secure: We do not store any uploaded content, and communication with our servers is encrypted.  Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

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Trusted by leading organizations & experts

Experts, universities, publishers, and journals have used imagetwin to surface hundreds of falsified papers and manuscripts. Find some examples at Pubpeer.

Supporters & Awards

We are proud to be incubated in the TU Wien i²ncubator, an incubation program for TU Wien affiliated deep-tech innovations run by the TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center.

Our company was funded by Seedfinancing of the BMDW administered by aws.